A Message from the BSA about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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Dear BSA families, volunteers and friends,

I trust that everyone is well in these uncommon times. Announcements related to COVID-19 coronavirus are arriving frequently. News about local cases in Massachusetts, and notably in Belmont, have heightened all of our sensitivities regarding risk of infection.


These recent events related to COVID-19 have caused many changes in our daily lives and our soccer season is not impervious to these. BAYS, our local travel soccer league, has announced that at minimum the season will be delayed by 2 weeks, no games will be played prior to April 18th. At this stage it is unclear whether these delayed games will be played at a later date, and in fact, if this delay will be limited to two weeks or extend further. The board is considering its position regarding registration fees paid in the instance that the season is significantly shortened or potentially canceled in its entirety.


The BSA Board convened an emergency (virtual) meeting on Saturday to discuss our response to BAYS’ news and have decided on the following actions.

  • Travel team rosters will be withheld until the travel season start date is confirmed by BAYS. Town league team rosters were not due until later and these may or may not remain on their prior schedule.
  • No practices or formal team gatherings are to take place until further notification by BSA. The BSA anticipates these starting after:
    • BAYS confirms a start date for the Spring season
    • Belmont Public School system (and potentially others surrounding) is back in session
    • The Town of Belmont Board of Health announces resumption of normal activities is advised
  • The BSA will be posting updates to the webpage at www.BelmontSoccer.com and emailing as we have additional information


Quick and decisive action is key to limiting the strain on our healthcare system. As a community-centered organization, we feel that it is our obligation to limit any activities that could lead to the spread of COVID-19 in the hope that all of our kids, families and loved ones will return invigorated to play at a later date.

At times like these our sense of community can be tested. Now is a time for us to be compassionate and to remember that while the vast majority of us find ourselves merely inconvenienced, others may be more susceptible and need our help, and that our actions can affect them. I plan to emerge from this crisis with a renewed awareness of all of the things I too-frequently take for granted, the opportunities I often forget to appreciate, and a renewed appreciation for my neighbors and friends.


With best wishes to you all, 


Craig White


Belmont Soccer Association

PO Box 520, Belmont, MA 02478

+1 (347) 829-4483

[email protected]

[email protected]

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Craig White

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