Fall 2021 Registration Update

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We here at the BSA are gearing up for the fall soccer season, which hopefully promises to be more like normal. We are aiming to offer travel soccer as well as robust in-town options.  As usual for the formation of 5th-8th grade travel teams we like to conduct a placements process conducted by an independent organization.  The information gained via placements will supplement BSA coach evaluations when we form teams.

Fall registration is now open for all grades K-8th grade.  We’d like everyone wanting to register for fall 5th-8th grade travel to signup asap as we need your child to attend placements.  On Saturday June 12th we will have placements for rising 6th graders and rising 7th/8th graders (combined).  We did have concerns about using a Saturday but we were challenged in finding enough mid-week dates when kids could attend and at least on Saturday most kids would be planning to play soccer anyway.  For those rising 6th/7th/8th graders truly unable to make the preferred date of June 12th then an alternative of June 7th is available.  June 7th is the preferred date for players who are not currently registered for current spring soccer.  Rising 5th graders are invited to sessions either on June 4th or June 7th.  Rising 4th graders wishing to play travel next season do not need to attend placements.  (Note:- given the year we’ve all had, BSA will make every effort to place your child appropriately in fall even if, for whatever reason, your child misses placements.  So do not stress, but we appreciate everyone making the effort to attend placements as it does help our task of placing 600+ kids into teams.)

Placements Summary - all held at PQ Field (72 Maple St)

Grade Fall 2021

Session 1

Session 2


June 4th 5.15-6.30pm

June 7th 4.45-6.00pm


June 12th 8.00-9.30am

June 7th 4.45-6.45pm

7th/8th Girls

June 12th 9.45-11.15am

June 7th 5.25-6.45pm

7th/8th Boys

June 12th 11.45-1.15pm

June 7th 5.25-6.45pm

Registration is also open for all in-town programs and although early sign up is appreciated it is not as important as for travel programs.  Players in 5th-8th grade can choose to participate in travel only; town only or indeed both programs.  (If doing both you have to register for travel first, please.  There is no additional fee for doing town if already registered for travel.)

Registration payment.  You have the option to pay registration fee in full or to pay $50 now and the balance on July 1st (for Travel) and on July 15th for in-town.  If you require help with registration fees then please indicate this by using the comments section during registration.

Belmont Soccer will be changing uniform supplier next season and we require everyone in the 3rd - 8th grade programs to purchase a new uniform.  The change is being made so that we can protect our long term supply of the same uniform.  We were unable to do this with the current supplier.  The cost to participants will remain the same as today (shirts $17; shorts $16 & socks $4) because BSA will supplement the balance for this initial purchase.  We have also kept all registration fees the same as in 2019.

Craig White

President, BSA



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Our new site will allow for better communication between Coaches and parents, allow for intra-team emails (you know, when you need that last-minute car pool you can now email your team), a new look and feel that will provide a better mobile experience and in the future a better way to provide feedback for coaches & parents.

Our web address is staying the same (www.belmontsoccer.com) so hopefully you will find all the information you need for your child's soccer experience. 

As always, if you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know.

Craig White

President, Belmont Soccer Association