Field Information and Directions

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Town Fields


Town Field

Winn Brook



Please note at Winnbrook that we require parents only to use the access points indicated on the map above.  Please know what field your child is playing on, before you get to the field, and use the entrance(s) designated for that field only.  Parents / spectators are required also to stand and watch from outside the marked playing area, indicated by signs.  We understand and appreciate that some of these younger kids might be nervous to start.  If your child needs to be close to you then we expect you to move them to the area shown above designated for your field.  We encourage you to take a ball to this area and, while maintaining social distance from others, play with your child or just sit there and chill until they feel like returning to practice.  Please only one parent attend to a nervous, or even hurt child, and please make your escape as quickly as possible back to the spectators area when your child is more settled.