2019 Fall Clinics

The Soccer Clinics for kids from K through 8 grade continue on Tuesday through Friday at Payson Park and PQ until October 25th. 

These Clinics are free for all kids registered in Belmont Soccer.

Parents: kids do not need to sign up for clinics - just show up, wear shin guards and cleats and bring balls and water bottlesKids needs to have a parent, coach or other adult staying with them on the sidelines during the clinics to take care in case of thunderstorms, injuries or other emergencies.  One adult can be responsible for several kids.  Pooling among families is encouraged.  Kids dropped at the field without an adult will not be accepted to participate at the clinic. A parent or parents will be asked to assist with drills during the clinics when more than 16 kids show up and there are no parent coaches available.

An email will be send to all Belmont families in case of weather cancellations. 

For questions and Team Sign Up Information, please view the Clinics Schedule Fall 2019 google document.

Sep/Oct Clinics Schedule:

Clinics will be held at Payson Park from 4 - 4:45 pm clinics and at PQ from 5 - 6 pm.

Day Time Field Coach
  4 pm – 3,4 grade Payson Park Tom Taylor
  5 pm – 7,8 grade PQ -1A Tom Taylor
  4 pm – K Payson Park Tom Taylor
  5 pm – 5,6 grade PQ Practice Field Tom Taylor
  4 pm – 1,2 grade Payson Park Tom Taylor
  5 pm – 7,8 grade PQ -1A Tom Taylor
  4 pm – 1,2 grade Payson Park Tom Taylor
  4 pm – K Payson Park Natalia Marques
  5 pm – 3,4 grade PQ Practice Field Natalia Marques
  5 pm – 5,6 grade PQ - 1C Tom Taylor

2019-20 BSA Winter Clinic

Information coming this fall!