Spring 2021 Registration Update

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We here at the BSA are gearing up for the spring soccer season. We had a super-successful fall season and with the modified program and rule changes things worked really well. As a measure of our success we had only one game that was not played across all ages and grades, and we were even able to extend our season by a week to allow for postponed games to be rescheduled. A real testament to the thought that went into how we set the program up for success. 

We are aiming to do the same again for the spring. Teams have now been formed and all coaches and parents should now have been notified.  3rd-8th Grade games start on Saturday April 12th with K-2nd Grade starting, as usual, after April break on Saturday May 1st. 

At the moment registration is still open but all players will be placed on a waitlist while we try and place on teams.  So if you're still interested in participating in the Spring in-town program register here.

Stay safe and take care, 

Craig White

President, BSA