On these pages, intended for the parents of current and future BSA players, you will find everything you need to sign up your daughter or son to play for BSA, together with other useful information about the program and facilities.

All the information you may need for the season will be provided on the website and directly from your child's coaches. Website information is updated each season, and most of it will be provided in the two weeks leading up to the first game of each season, so if you don't see something you need please check back again soon or use the feedback link to contact us.

We also feel it is very important that parents and players understand that this is a recreational and developmental league. This is not an academy and we are not trying to develop future World Cup stars.

Our coaches are all volunteers with varying degrees of soccer experience. They are helping your kids out, creating a fun, competitive environment for your children to develop as athletes. As a parent, if you feel you can help with your child's development, please volunteer to coach or assist for your team.

BSA has a Code of Conduct that we expect all Parents and players to adhere to. Please review this so you understand the expectations of playing in our organization.

Parents Code of Conduct

BSA would like to thank you for your efforts and support of the players and teams. Without everyone working together the opportunity for players to have fun, improve their skills and experience competitive soccer at such a high level would not be possible.