Grade 3/4 Town League

Belmont Soccer Association (BSA) Rules Summary for Grades 3 and 4:

  • Town League Game Size of team on field: 7v7
  • Size ball: No. 4
  • Time: Two 30-minute halves, 5-minute half time break.

Important rules to remember:

In addition to (or in modification of) the regular laws of the game, the following special rules will apply to BSA Grades 3 and 4 Town League games:


  • No Penalty Kicks at this level. Instead of a PK, a direct kick will be awarded at the top of the penalty area.
  • DIRECT and INDIRECT kicks are awarded based on the infraction according to FIFA laws of the game. Opponents should stand 10 yards away from the ball on a free kick.
  • Goal kicks should be taken from the edge of the penalty area. The opposing team will be required to move behind the midfield line on goal kicks. The coaches can mark midfield with cones on the sidelines.
  • If a player does not understand the call, briefly explain the infraction to the offending player.
  • At referee’s discretion, players are given a second chance on throw-ins.
  • Off-sides rules do not apply.
  • No slide tackles, kids must stay on their feet. If there is an infraction, the opposing team will be awarded a direct kick and the referee should explain to the player that they need to stay on their feet. Coaches should also warn the player to stay on their feet. If the player continues to slide tackle, have the coach sub the player for one shift and the coach should talk to the player on the sideline.
  • Substitutions are per 11v11 laws of the game (both teams can substitute on a goal kick or after a goal is scored. Only the possessing team can substitute on a throw in, but if they choose to make a substitution the opposing team can substitute as well). If there is a substitution made for an injured player, the opposing team is allowed one substitution as well.
  • Substitutes should stand at midfield when ready to enter the field. They should also enter the field at the midfield line. Substitute players must enter the field of play before taking a throw-in.
  • Parents and players should be on opposite sides of the field. The two teams should be on the same side of the field. No one should be standing behind the goals or the end-line.
  • On goal kicks or on goalkeeper saves followed by a goalie punt, throw or drop kick, the ball must touch the field or a player in the defensive end of the field. If the ball crosses midfield without touching the ground or a player, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick at midfield.
  • The goalkeeper is not allowed to use their hands when their teammate passes to them or makes a throw-in to them. In the case of an infraction, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick outside of the penalty area.
  • All jewelry must be removed. Medical bracelets may be worn, but must be taped down.  Your role at this level is to continue to help players understand the game. Make sure to use your whistle to get the players’ attention. If you find that a particular player is repeatedly being too aggressive, ask the coach to sub him out to give him/her a chance to cool down.
  • See the Policies Page for information on the BSA Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy