ALL volunteers must complete this new process, effective 2019-2020 to volunteer/receive credentials. This applies to volunteers who were CORId this past season.

There are three items that need to be completed. The link to begin the process can be found below Item #1 listed below.



1) CORI/Adult Registration – Create and enter your info in your Stack account so you can be CORId.   Stack is the new platform Mass Youth Soccer contracted with.

Please have the following two items ready before starting:

- A color headshot. The picture should be of just you and be just a headshot. If doing this on your phone - you can take a picture during the process. If completing on a desktop/laptop (recommended) save a picture to your computer before starting.

- Your driver’s license number and expiration date.

Be sure to use your FULL LEGAL NAME.

Helpful tip - below the question that asks whether you have lived outside of the State of Mass in the last 7 years, if you haven’t, select “no” and type the word “none” in the space provided.


You will get an email confirmation from Stack immediately upon setting up you login email and password titled: Belmont Soccer Association: Account Information. Save that email as it contains a direct link back to your new Stack account. Use that link to return to complete any steps in the process that you do not finish initially.

Here is the Stack link to get started:

2) Complete SafeSport/Abuse Prevention online training. This will take about about 90 minutes.  You can stop and restart if necessary. (A thirty minute refresher course will be required annually after the initial training). Please use the link in your Stack account to take the Abuse Prevention training; this way the system will automatically mark you as Approved.

abuse prevention







3) Concussion Training - The Center for Disease Control training is the only Mass Youth Soccer approved method. A link will be provided in your Stack account. You will need to upload this certificate for approval.   If the system is unusually slow, you may want to try doing the concussion course at a different time.   


concussion training

If you have already done the concussion training on the CDC site in the past, after you log in, you should be able to click the where it says “FULL CERTIFICATE” to download your certificate, which you can then upload into your Stack account. You won’t need to re-take the course!

cda training

Once you have created your Stack account - whenever you need to log in again - PLEASE CLICK THE RED "Member Login" BUTTON.



Let me know if you have any questions.


Jeffrey Dreyfus

Registrar, Belmont Soccer Association


Below is more in depth info along with links…..

NEW Volunteer Requirements: SafeSport

Abuse in youth sports is more prevalent than most of us think—and it can happen even in Belmont. A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that around 1 million children per year experience some form of abuse in a youth sports setting.

Belmont Soccer Association seeks to uphold the highest standards for participant safety by ensuring all volunteers comply with the most rigorous standards for background checks and abuse training as required by U.S. Soccer and MA Youth Soccer.

We do this not just because it’s the law, since Congress passed the Safe Sport Authorization Act last year, but because it’s the right thing to do. Abuse prevention is now an integral part of our roles as youth soccer volunteers. Therefore, there are new requirements that every volunteer must complete:

  • An expanded background check and screening process
  • A certified abuse prevention online training course
  • The CDC’s online Heads Up Concussion training course
  • Registration in a new administration system replacing Affinity called StackSports.

Q: Who must complete an Adult Registration?

A: All participating adults (persons age 18 and older). Every adult member of all organizations affiliated with Massachusetts Youth Soccer must complete the Adult Registration process and be CORI and National Background Check Approved, State and National Sex Offender Registry Search Cleared. A link to a more detailed list is located on the right-hand side of this webpage.

Registration Information

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 soccer registration year will take place using the Stack Sports U.S. Soccer Connect Member Management System.

  • Stack Sports/U.S. Soccer Connect has provided your League, Town or Club with a dedicated registration website; the Directory listing of all Member Organizations registration website URLs can be found on the right-hand side of this webpage.
  • All participating adult members must register annually; the help guide on How to Complete your Adult Registration can also be found on the right-hand side of this webpage, please read prior to registering.
  • If your League, Town or Club is not set up to accept Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 soccer registrations, please contact them.


New – Risk Management Requirements for’ Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 soccer year

Due to the SafeSport Act and the implementation of new required Policies and Procedures from U.S. Soccer, all Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association adult members and member organization’s adult members must meet the Risk Management requirements below; this will be monitored in U.S. Soccer Connect prior to the adult receiving their required Mass Youth Soccer Adult Credential.

  • CORI Check Approved.
  • National Background Check (NBG) Cleared; the NBG status also includes the State and National Sex Offender Searches.
  • SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training Approved. Initial SafeSport Course (approximately 2 hours to complete), then; an Annual Refresher Course (approximately 30 minutes to complete) for each year the adult participates. Please use the link that is emailed to you or available in your U.S. Soccer Connect Adult Registration account to take the Abuse Prevention training; this way the system will automatically mark you as Approved.
  • Concussion Training Approved, The Center for Disease Control training is the only Mass Youth Soccer approved method. A link to the Center for Disease Control training will be emailed to you and provided to you in your Adult Registration account. You will need to upload this certificate for approval. Check with your organization for approval length of time

*You will be able to complete SafeSport and Concussion training once the BSA Registrar marks you as a confirmed participant.


Important Notes for Adult Registration

  • Use your full legal first, last and middle name (no shortened version) when completing your adult registration.
  • Please make note of your Username and Password as registration is required annually and they are needed to access your account.
  • IMPORTANT: The Email Address entered on the Registration form is used to manage account registration(s) (all registrations, adult and player) information, it also links to the Digital Coaching Center (DCC) and SafeSport Auto-Approval.
  • If you do not use the same email address for all family member registrations, the system will create a duplicate account.
  • o If you do not use the same email address that was used to create your DCC account that holds your coaching license information, it will not show in your account.
  • If you do not complete your SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training using the link in your account that has your email address, you will not be auto approved
  • You are required to upload a head shot photo during the Adult Registration process.
  • Make sure to have a photo available on the system (computer, phone, tablet, pad) you are using to register.
  • If you belong to more than one organization, you must register online with each one; the information on your Adult Registration form will auto-fill when you login to complete your second Adult Registration. · Club & League Connect: [email protected]
  • Support Phone: 866-892-0777 Press 2 for support and press 2 for association, club and league.

Safety Policies that must be reviewed by ALL adult participants are listed below.

  • Mass Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy – Known as Mass Safe Soccer; this includes Abuse Prevention mandatory reporting information.
  • KidSafe Policy
  • Weather Policy
  • Goal Safety Information
  • US Soccer Recognize to Recover

Policies noted above and more Risk Management Policy information can be found at website under the MA SAFE SOCCER tab

Thank you all for your continuing support and efforts to help keep the children safe and playing the game!