MA SafeSoccer

As mandated by federal law, Belmont Soccer Association follows a comprehensive Adult Registration and CORI/SORI security background check procedure, as well as completion of a mandatory abuse prevention course, concussion training, and required policy review requirements for all adults working with children.

The process is called MA SafeSoccer and is required even if you recently did a CORI for BSA or another organization. The system Mass Youth Soccer is using is called U.S. Soccer Connect.


MA SafeSoccer Multi-Step Process:


Some helpful tips BEFORE STARTING: 

  • Be sure to use the same email address and password for ALL of your MA SafeSoccer components.
  • Strongly recommend that you complete the registration on a computer as it gets involved.
  • Be sure to use your full LEGAL first, middle, and last name.
  • You need to have your driver’s license number and expiration date.
  • You need to have a color head shot photo (under 1 MB in size) on the device you are using that can be uploaded (initial registration only, returning users' photos are stored). You will also need a photo to upload within the initial Abuse Training course.
    • The selected photo must be a CLEAR, HEAD Only picture of you with NO other people in the picture, no sunglasses, no hats, and sufficiently well lit and CLOSE enough to clearly see your face. Parts of other people, including faces, arms, hands, etc. are also not allowed.


STEP 1:    Annual Registration with Mass Youth Soccer, including authorization for your CORI/SORI checks and collection of fairly extensive profile information. 


STEP 2:    Complete SafeSport Abuse Prevention online course -

SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training Policy - Federal Law SafeSport is a yearly requirement; the first course is Core training (1.5 hours).

● Adults who continue to participate must complete a refresher course (20 minutes) on an annual basis. After the 3rd refresher course, they will take Core Training again.

● Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration/U.S. Soccer Connect is connected to the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and U.S. Center for SafeSport.

U.S. Soccer Connect goes directly to SafeSport/U.S. Soccer Learning Center to find your completed training, you do not upload your certificate of completion; however, to be auto approved, you must have the exact same first and last name and email address in both your adult registration and SafeSport/U.S. Soccer Learning Center accounts.

NEW SafeSport USERS To create your SafeSport account, you MUST use the exact same first and last name and email address you used for your Mass Youth Soccer registration.

● If you do, your certificate will be automatically saved/approved in your Mass Youth Soccer adult registration account.

● If you do not use the same name and email address, you will need to upload your certificate to your Mass Youth Soccer account.

● Always download and save your certificate of completion in case auto approval fails.

1. After you register online with Mass Youth Soccer, go back and log into your Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration, which is in U.S. Soccer Connect and called “My Account.”

2. Click on the “Certificates” tab that is located under your photo.

3. Click on the SafeSport training link with Enrollment Key.

4. Complete the pop-up “Sign Up” form adding all required information to create your account, choose your “Role” and add the name of the sport you are participating in (Soccer), and then click the blue “Sign Up” button and agree to terms and conditions.

5. Click on “CATALOG” and enroll in the “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” course and take the 90-minute Core training.

6. Download your Certificate of Completion.

a. Should you need further directions, click the following link for Login Instructions -->

b. If not auto approved in your Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration account within 24 hrs., log into your Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration account and upload your certificate for manual verification/approval. To Upload:

c. Click on the “Certificates” tab located under your photo.

d. Click on the box listing the name of the certificate you are uploading.

e. Choose your certificate from your computer and click upload.

f. Notify your organization’s Risk Manager once the certificate is uploaded.


1. After you register online with Mass Youth Soccer, go back and log into your Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration, which is called “My Account.”

2. Click on the “Certificates” tab that is located under your photo.

3. Click on the SafeSport training link with Enrollment Key.

4. Login (top right of landing page) and follow all prompts. After you log into your account the enrollment key will popup, click on enroll, then my courses next, click on the catalog button to show all available courses. a. Should you need further directions, click go to the following link for Login Instructions.

5. Refer to Step 6 above. →For assistance with SafeSport, contact the SafeSport Help Desk at 720-676-6417.

Questions regarding your adult registration? Call the U.S. Soccer Connect Help line at 855-703-2558 or contact your participating organization’s Registrar or Risk Manager.


STEP 3:    Complete CDC Concussion Training Certification. 

  • The 45+ minute Center for Disease Control training is the ONLY Mass Youth Soccer approved method for concussion training.
  • This needs to be completed every two years, so if it's been more than two years you need to take the course again.
  • CDC is using a new platform, so everyone must create a CDC Train account before taking the course.
  • Tips for CDC Train account set up as it gets complex and is not very clear:
    • Group: Other
    • Region: Region 4B lists Belmont; If you live in a different town, search the regions for your town)
    • You have to fill out your profile before you can register for a course:
      • Organization Name: Belmont Soccer Association; Dept: Soccer; Title: Coach
      • Professional Role: Volunteer
      • Work Setting: Other; then type in Youth Sports Organization
  • After you have created your profile setup, click on the Course Catalog tab and search for: HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training for Coaches
  • Select the Green Pre-Assessment button (it is 31 questions long!) to start 
  • After the pre-assessment, you will be able to launch the course. The site will save any incomplete progress.
  • SAVE your completion certificate PDF to your computer.
CDC Account Creation link:


STEP 4:    Upload your SafeSport and your Concussion Training completion certificates to your MA Youth Soccer account.

  • Login here:
  • Go to the Certificates tab 
  • Use the Click to Upload button in the SafeSport and Concussion Certificate blocks to upload your certificates. You do NOT need to upload your Driver's License.
    • SafeSport may already show a SafeSport Training Completed image; If that is the case, you are all set. If not, upload your certificate
    • You will need to upload your new Concussion Training Certificate. 
    • You do NOT need to upload your Driver's License.
    • You do NOT need to upload your CORI Acknowledgement Form/Verification 


Lastly, if you just started coaching in 2020 or have NEVER coached/volunteered for BSA before, you need to provide a one-time validation of identification. Two documents are needed: 

  • Login here:
  • Print out a copy of the two page CORI Acknowledgement Form
  • Click on the Print Documents link under your picture in your Soccer Connect account then select "Receipts & Forms" on the line that says ADULT/CORI Registration.
  • Sign page 2 of the form on the Signature of CORI subject line
  • Do NOT upload the Acknowledgement form into the system.   

    Send the signed CORI Acknowledgement form, along with a copy of the front of your Driver's License as validating ID, via email (scan or just take a legible picture) and send it to:  [email protected]   In the subject line, please put"CORI Acknowledgement" and your last name.


U.S. Soccer Connect Tech Support

If you are having issues with this system or downloading your forms, please contact tech support immediately. This system is not run by BSA, and we cannot help you with account set up or password issues.

Help line number: 855-703-2558.