Fall 2020 Season FAQs


Q:  How will we handle water breaks for kids as it relates to masks?

A: When appropriate, e.g., during a break, and when more than six feet away from any other player/coach or ref, players can remove their masks to take a breath or drink.


Q: Related to the rule of one spectator per player, is one parent expected to leave if both show up at a game?

A: Yes, that is the rule made clear to parents in our communications. If parents are refusing to comply, coaches and officials will alert the BSA COVID Office ( [email protected] )


Q: Do coaches count as our child’s one spectator allowed?

A: No.  Coaches are associated with the numbers playing – not spectators.


Q: Will soccer goalie gloves be provided as part of team gear?

A: BSA cannot provide soccer goalie gloves for every players. Coaches will provide gloves for each game - purchased through Champion Sports.  Additionally, parents can supply their child with a pair of their own - they should not be shared with any other players. Wearing latex or nitrile gloves under team goalie gloves or on their own is another alternative.  All goalies are required to wear either goalie gloves or latex/nitrile gloves. Players should use hand sanitizer when they take the gloves off.   


Q: If a child has gloves, can they handle the ball?

A: Yes, Goalies are the only ones who can handle the ball, because they have gloves. If other kids have gloves, we presume they could handle the ball.


Q: Do the kids have to get a Covid check before the first meeting on Saturday?

A: Parents must use the TeamSnap to verify that their child is symptom free, even before or at the beginning of the games/scrimmages on Saturday 19th Sept.


Q: Does a confirmed negative PCR test for SARS-Cov-2 after a player is in contact with a positive person still require a 14 day stop in soccer in activities?

A: Yes.  Based on guidance from MYSA, BSA will err on the side of caution and keep close contact group away from soccer for 14 days.


Q: Who will send the communication to parents about the TeamSnap requirement?

A: BSA will announce TeamSnap and send notification via email to invite parents to the app. Coaches will reiterate this information and clarify that COVID symptom checks should be cleared prior to practices and games.


Q: What information will coaches send to parents about the new rules?

A: All information on the new COVID19 protocols is available in the season welcome email from coaches as well as posted in ‘Announcements’ section of the BSA website.  Parents and coaches can email [email protected] with additional questions.




Q: Will there be refs for K-2nd Grade?

A: No.  Coaches will run these practices, scrimmages and game sessions.


Q: Can incidental contact be realistically (and consistently) be enforced?

A: Yes, this will be tricky. This is why referees will be provided a chance to practice with the new rules. This requirement is set by MYSA, so our goal is to find the best way to implement it. Adult referee mentors will be at the fields each week for games. We have also had meetings to review the Laws of the Game (LOTG) modifications and answer referee questions. 

We expect that the majority of the contacts calls refs will make will be related to no slide tackling (players can toe poke and foot block). Goalkeepers attempting to make a save can slide tackle. A player however cannot physically challenge an opponent before the ball is played. If a player has the ball, an opponent can make an attempt on the ball. There is absolutely no grabbing an opponent's shirt or placing hands on another player. We do think after some experience with the calls our players will adjust – especially with other sports having made similar adjustments. We will all require patience as both players and referees align to these new rules. 


Q: Are there any coaching materials available on how you teach a player to tackle/dispossess an opposition player without contact (incidental or otherwise)?

A: MYSA has drills which aim to comply with social distancing guidance (https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/physical-distancing-session-plans/ )


Q: Can some of these rules be reviewed after the first week, I am concerned the incidental contact rule will make the games impractical?

A: Yes, we'll be constantly reviewing, and the refs will be receiving ongoing training. These rules have been implemented by club teams in MA for a couple of weeks. Changes were made in response to feedback in these last few weeks.


Q: What if a player, coach, spectator or referee touches the ball with their hands?

A: A non-goalkeeper touching the ball (even with gloves) is not allowed. No players nor referees can touch the ball - moving the ball must be done with the foot.


Q: Should we remove the goalie position for certain age groups?

A: We will review how the goal protocols are managed in the first week or two and adjust if necessary.




Q: Can we have more than two coaches per team?

A: Yes, however only two coaches can attend any one practice or games.  We have assigned all volunteer coaches to teams because we cannot be sure when each coach’s ID will be processed and their availability.  When we have more than two coaches per team, we ask coaches to coordinate.  We appreciate that having more coaches is likely not needed for each practice and game per week.


Q: Can coaches order extra equipment for practices and games?

A: Yes. Coached can order balls, cones, etc. No pinnies or goalie shirts should be ordered.  Go to ‘Coaches’ section of BSA website.  Note: An error has been seen by some coaches.  If this happens please email Champions directly at [email protected] with items (only items from the list - no pinnies or goalie shirts).  Copy [email protected]


Q: What about pinnies for practice?

A: Pinnies will be provided to coaches to provide to kids – one pinnie per child. They will have to bring their own to each practice – please encourage them to wash them regularly so they are clean.


Q: Will Nitrile gloves be made available?

A: Yes.


Q: Can coaches conduct practices at any fields?

A: No. We will use the specific fields dedicated to BSA by grades for practices.




Q: If a parent did not order a uniform, can they still purchase one at Champions?

A: Yes, uniforms can be purchased from Champions.


Q: Do children bring their own balls to practice? Do we use team balls?

A: Yes, each child should bring his/her own ball to practice for individual drills. The coach will provide team balls for team drills and scrimmages – balls should under no circumstances be handled or headed. If they are, do not use again until cleaned first.


Q: What times are the games Saturday?

A: Schedule posted here.  Also, the schedule will be loaded into TeamSnap and be available in the AdminSports calendar


Q: Are half-time snacks and post-game handshakes allowed?  

A: No.  Children should have individual water bottles and personal snacks as needed.  A cheer and a thank you to the refs is a great way to end a game.


Q: What is the game or practice cancellation process?

A: If we need to cancel games or practices, the BSA website will be updated, in addition email messages will be sent to coaches and coaches will contact parents.


Q: With all teams in 3rd Grade and above wearing maroon, how will teams differentiate themselves?

A: Pinnies will be distributed directly to players during first two weeks.  Players will need to be responsible for bringing and cleaning their pinnies each game.  Some spare pinnies will be available each week as needed.



Q:  Are team roster changes still possible/happening in case a child needs a different practice schedule than their current team?

A: It is likely roster changes will happen as players withdraw / register.  However, we have asked coaches to try and make the rosters work by scheduling a practice time all can attend.  We know this is a challenge, but at this time we will not be taking individual change requests from parents.


Q: Are players supposed to show up 30 mins before the game time?

A: Players should show up no more than 15 minutes before a game.  There is now more time between games in an attempt for exiting teams to leave before next teams arrive. Parents should wait in their car or away from entrances/exits until the fields are clear, any previous games/practices are finished and it is time to enter the field.